BBE Policy:

Policy on Black Economic Empowerment

SA Civil and Anti Corrosion Specialists was established by Arvin Hooseria who was retrenched in February 1995 . He worked for Shell SA for 15 years prior to the launch of SA Civil & Anti Corrosion Specialists. As the Sole Proprietor, he has employed many of the previously disadvantaged members of the community. Hence we are 100% black empowered. In addition, SA Civil and Anti Corrosion Specialists implemented a multi – focused BEE policy which applies to the following areas of the business:


Being managed and controlled by previously disadvantaged members, this effectively makes SA Civil and Anti Corrosion Specialists a black controlled company entirely but equity shares will have to be negotiated based on factors to be decided upon when it becomes necessary to expand.


The SA Civil and Anti Corrosion Specialists Management team is made up of 2 managers. 100% are non – white. We believe that we will have a woman joining the Management Team as Sales and Marketing Executive, although we have not finished recruiting for this position as yet. It has been agreed that the percentage of non – white managers will not fall below the 100% level unless expertise is required for a specific project.


SA Civil and Anti Corrosion Specialists is an equal opportunity employer with regard to gender, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation. However with regard to new hires, SA Civil and Anti Corrosion Specialists does have a policy regarding the hiring of previously disadvantaged individuals and giving them the opportunity of demonstrating their skills and expertise in our company. To date we have hired 3 new staff members of which all of them have come from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

Staff Training & Development

From a human development perspective SA Civil and Anti Corrosion Specialists has a policy of identifying, promoting and investing in previously disadvantaged staff members that have shown specific potential within the company. External programs have been initiated and we are currently looking at outside training programs in order to develop their skill levels. As we grow as a company, we will continue to develop in – house talent and promote from within.


Within the engineering and construction industry there has been very little vertical transformation. Whilst some companies have engaged the BEE Process, many of the suppliers continue to exist as before. However, at SA Civil and Anti Corrosion Specialists we are currently looking for BEE suppliers and have a policy of supporting them as far as we can. We will use BEE suppliers assuming that their prices are within 5 – 10% of existing industry suppliers and that their service level meets with our requirements and expectations.

Customer Development & Awareness

As a BEE company we believe that we need to bring this to our customer’s attention. We have initiated a program which helps our customers understand our BEE policy and goals. We hope that by educating and informing them as to what we are doing, we will be able to grow with their assistance, co-operation and support.

SHEQ Policy:

Policy on Safety, Health, Environment & Quality (SHEQ)

It is our policy to conduct our business in a manner that takes foremost account of the Safety and Health of our employees, sub-contractors, customers and the public, and to also preserve the Environment whilst providing Quality service to the industries that we serve. We aim to excel in these responsibilities and to be a leader in these areas.

Full compliance with statutory requirements and conformance to SA Civil and Anti Corrosion Specialists guidelines are imperative. To this effect we set strategies and milestones, and management provides visible leadership and support to staff through education and regular training. We are a NOSA 5 STAR graded company.


Our principle is that all accidents are preventable. We therefore promote the highest standards of awareness, knowledge and discipline that this approach demands. We believe in the principle of “Enhanced Safety Management” to eliminate unsafe acts and conditions.


We conduct our activities in such a manner as to safeguard the health of employees and others. Where appropriate, we promote health awareness throughout our organization both for the workplace and home.


We strive to ensure that the environment is safeguarded by:

• Safe disposals of all effluents waste materials and waste discharges.

• Use products in accordance with the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), which will not impact negatively on the environment.

• Promoting wherever possible, a reduction in waste generation through a process of continuous assessment and revaluation during our work.


We conduct our activities in such a manner as to use quality materials, experienced labor and all necessary expertise to ensure that our customers’ needs are adequately provided for that our service delivery meets with our customers’ needs and expectations.

Management undertake to:

• Evaluate SHEQ implications when entering into new business activities.

• To advise and train employees in safety, health and environmental obligations and responsibilities with regard to               themselves, their co-workers and the local community.

• Regularly assess our business activities in relation to the latest developments and conform to statutory requirements.

• To recognize the role, importance and participation of its employees in its safety, health, environmental and quality           policy.

• Promote with sub-contractors, suppliers, distributors and customers, SHEQ standards fully compatible with the                 various industries that we serve.

• To continuously strive for improvement by identifying potential safety and health risks to its employees, the                         community  and environment.

• Report all unsafe acts or conditions to the relevant stakeholders with the primary intention of accident prevention.

• Take all steps necessary to prevent accidents and to protect the environment through continuous staff training and            development.

• Regularly assess our work and ensure that the quality delivered conforms to general engineering practices and                  standards and that they meet with our customers’ expectations.